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Tanja Deurloo - Tanja Deurloo, chemist and scent designer

Scent nerd Tanja Deurloo (1966), MSc, is CEO and Founder of ‘Annindriya - scent experts’ and ‘Annindriya Perfume Lounge’ both based in Amsterdam. Deurloo is interested in the complexity of scent and its influence on a professional and individual level, as well as its impact on branding.

With a MSc in Physical Organic Chemistry from the University of Utrecht, she pursues her interest in scent by combining academic knowledge with extensive technical and commercial experience. As a fragrance and sensory expert Deurloo also has experience in sensory branding, scent science and scent marketing.

Annindriya, founded in 2007, is a company operating in the field of scent in the corporate world. The company focusses on fragrance creation and product development, innovation, scent marketing, and an array of workshops amongst other things.

Besides her work in the corporate world she has also worked in the arts and the health sector, informing people on the value of scent and the power of smell in music, museums and hospitals. To exemplify her work in the creative sector, she created the perfume ‘Eau d’Amsterdam, Scent of the Canal Trees’. This perfume was made in 2014 in collaboration with artist duo Saskia Hoogendoorn and Lieuwe Martijn Wijnands.

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