Irene de Gelder, Leonie Alpheus

SECRETOPIA movie discussion

Wetlands (2013)

Meet Helen, an unusual girl with unusual tastes.
SECRETOPIA's first event!


Film still from the movie Wetlands (2013) -

Mediamatic will be commencing its new programme series SECRETOPIA! In this series we’ll be exploring human secretions, the stuff that comes out of your body. We kick off with a discussion of the German movie Wetlands [Feuchtgebiete, 2013].

In the coming of age film Helen Memel, the 18-year old protagonist, rebels against norms of femininity and conventions regarding female hygiene and sexuality. A shaving incedent lands Helen in the hospital. During her stay she committedly plots trying to reunite her divorced parents. The film flashes between the present and past revealing her eccentricity.The discussion will cover feminist angles on the movie.

Language: German
Subtitles: English

WARNING: This movie is graphic.