The One Minutes Jr

videos of exactly 60 seconds. made by 1.200 young people across the world.

Art for social change in a format of one minute. theoneminutesjr is a joint initiative of The European Cultural Foundation, UNICEF and The One Minutes Foundation.

What are oneminutesjr videos?

They are sixty-second videos made by young people (between the ages of 12 and 20) from all over the world. Time may be limited in a oneminutesjr video (this challenges the youngsters to form their ideas clearly), but not the freedom to express oneself creatively, which is the basic right of every person.

What is the oneminutesjr network?

It is a non-commercial community without any set political belief or ideology. The network gives young people – especially those who are underprivileged or marginalised – the opportunity to have their voices heard by a broad audience, to share with the world their ideas, dreams, fascinations, anxieties,and viewpoints.

What does the network consist of?

It consists of the interactive oneminutesjr website, a yearly festival competition, workshops across the world, video broadcasting on ten European public TV channels, and screenings at festivals and events. And this is only for now... As we involve more partners and explore new ways of getting the oneminutesjr videos ‘out there’, the network will continue to expand.

If your organisation might be interested in joining, then contact Tommi Laitio (tommi [at] or Raya Ribbius (raya [at]

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