1 Jan 2012



Making flora grow using recycled water.


BOOM! - Kranen/Gille

When we try to translate biodiversity into a product this product often ends up being one with a concept far bigger then the product itself. BOOM is a product that relates to the user in a direct way, without being overwhelmed by the big concepts behind biodiversity.


How the BOOM installation works - This shows how the different components of the BOOM installation work. Kranen/Gille

BOOM is an object that would become a part of the daily cycle of a person or family without needing extra care or other attention that would make it dependent. That is what biodiversity is about: organisms living amongst each other and from each other, being a part of eachother’s cycle, taking and giving where and when needed.


BOOM! in Mediamatic BANK - Installation were mushrooms growing out of the pot. Simone Schoutens


In the cycles of a dwelling, condensation plays a big role. Showering, cooking, heating/cooling and even just breathing generates a lot of humidity. The question that BOOM! can answer is whether we can make humidity into a constructive element to the biodiversity in our homes by re-using it? The core of this project is using the active element in a de-humidifier to start a new reaction and to make flora grow using this recycled water.

This is a video of Kranen/Gille explaining how the BOOM installation works By: Kranen/Gille

How does it work?

BOOM is a fertile ground for flowers, herbs and even mushrooms based on the functions of a de-humidifier, an appliance that conditions the air and removes excess water. It features a bomb-shaped sphere, which explodes in mid-air with the growth of flora, equipped with room for water storage and distribution. The sphere is pre-filled with seeds and flower soil and is made of breathing organic material that allows the plants to grow through but keeps the soil inside. The calcium chloride in the sphere absorbs excess water and the resin layer filters the way and distributes it through the terracotta layer.


BOOM installation - This shows how the different parts of the BOOM installation work together to make mushrooms grow. Kranen/Gille