Hello Hello

let me introduce myself; my name is paloma calle, i’m a performing artist from madrid, spain.

I'm working on a new project that will involve eastern europe countries and eduardo pinillos suggested me to keep in touch with you

The project called “my heart belongs to daddy”, and part of this project is to make a documentary/experimental film taking as a departure point a journey my father, who died in 2008, did in 1968.

the title of this piece is “el viaje de tomás”. the whole project will premiere in La Casa Encendida, madrid, in 2011.

in the summer of 1968 tomás, my dad, and two other friends travelled by car for 45 days to know from reality how the socialist countries were. they went to the ex cccp and other countries.

what i am going to do is to repeat the exact same path, wich i can reproduce thanks to his diary from that journey and an interview that i did to him some years ago, and along this sort of road movie i would like to meet artists or people related to art, and shoot this meetings as part of the material that will be part of the piece.

this meetings don’t have to be formal interviews at all, they can be whatever we decide previously.

this journey is going to take place during the month of august and the first week of september of this year.

the countries that i will go to are: switzerland, austria, eslovaquia, cheq republic, poland, bielorussia, russia, ukrania, moldavia, rumania, serbia, bosnia, croatia, eslovenia and north of italy.

At the moment i'm looking for artists or organizations, to be part of this proyect. i am really looking forward to it.

if you know someone who you think can be interested and you feel like forwarding this email to this person i’d really appreciate it.

thanks for your time.

greetings from madrid.

paloma calle
gobernador 14
28014, madrid, spain.
+34 679 55 2332