Martin Amis

Urbane provocateur


Martin Amis, 2010 - Photo by Centre For New Writing, University of Manchester

Martin Amis, son of Kingsley Amis, was 25 when his first novel appeared. Novels like London Fields and The Information followed, along with collections of non-fiction, covering everything from literature and Russian history to America and 9/11.

Martin Amis has been called an Islamophobe, a misogynist and a 'bad boy'. His novels deal with the discarded classes, with London, with writing, and with various types of women. But most of all they deal with men, their masculinity and the pain they go through to prove it. 2010 saw the release of Martin Amis' twelfth novel, The Pregnant Widow. Dealing with the 70s, the novel is full of girls acting like boys, and boys no longer knowing exactly how to act.

Martin Amis is Professor of Creative Writing at the Centre For New Writing, University of Manchester.


Martin Amis, 1980 - Photo by Angela Gorgas found at the Telegraph


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