Antoinette Hoes, Leonieke Verhoog

Cultuur 2.0

Conference & Scenario LAB's

Cultuur 2.0 will research the impact on Art & Culture of all developments one could include in the black box Web 2.0. Cultuur 2.0 is a challenge, a 2-day international conference & Lab designed to introduce a web 2.0 mindset into the creative processes and strategies of cultural & art institutions and artists .

Departing from the web 2.0 ideology, the conference aims to capture both a theoretical as well as a visual and practical viewpoint on Cultuur 2.0.

What can or will Cultuur 2.0 mean? Is it dangerous, a precious gift, or maybe even both? How can art & cultural institutions, artists and Web 2.0 companies conspire to make the most of the opportunities Web 2.0 brings?

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Cultuur 2.0 - Wednesday 30 & Thursday 31May 2007
Felix Meritis Keizersgracht 324 Amsterdam