Jyri Engeström

Entrepreneur and sociologist

Jyri Engeström is co-founder of Jaiku, now at Google.

Jyri is co-founder of Jaiku, a social phonebook and microblogging service acquired by Google in 2007. He will discuss why successful social sites are not just friend networks. They are built around objects that connect people with shared interests. For example, the object on Flickr is a photo, on Jaiku it is a status update, and on YouTube it is a video.

Jyri has over a decade of experience in the Internet and mobile industry. Prior to co-founding Jaiku he was Senior Product Manager at Nokia. He holds patents in mobile communications and near-field communications. He runs the Aula conference with Marko Ahtisaari and has written extensively on mobile technology and social networking. He is a Ph.D. candidate at Lancaster University.

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