PICNIC Green Challenge

Fuelled by the Postcode Lottery

Saving the Planet: The Ultimate Sport

Climate change presents a challenge to the world. There’s been plenty of talk about this – and now it’s time to act. We need creative brains unbound by traditional ideas to help the world embrace a new green lifestyle.

We can’t leave it to the slow, rigid old economy. Solutions will come from the new economy – from innovative entrepreneurs open to fresh ideas and technologies.

Bill Clinton pointed this out during a speech he gave last December in the Netherlands at the invitation of the Dutch Postcode Lottery. His words inspired us.

So, to encourage and aid the introduction of great new climate-friendly products and services, this year the Postcode Lottery and PICNIC will introduce the PICNIC Green Challenge.

Uncork Your Brain – And Win!

This competition calls on creative minds to dream up consumer-friendly greenhouse-gas-reducing products. The inventor of the best will get €500,000, coaching from business leaders, and a starting list of customers.

The Dutch Postcode Lottery works for a greener, fairer world through supporting charities in the Netherlands and abroad. It sees PICNIC as an ideal partner in mobilising new talent to help make a difference.

PICNIC draws innovative, entrepreneurial types from all over the world to Amsterdam each year. They come to escape the everyday, feed their imaginations, and let their minds off the leash.

To people like these, we present a friendly challenge: give the world a climate-saving product or service consumers will love.

A jury will choose the best entry in August. We’ll officially present the PICNIC Green Challenge and announce the winner on 29 September at PICNIC’07.

The winner of the prize, that is. Because fresh green ideas make winners of us all – business, consumers and the planet.

How to Enter
The launch of the PICNIC Green Challenge contest has been delayed to the 8th June. Please come back then and view detailed information about the contest, the new design of the PICNIC Green Challenge, and much more!

Speech May 21st : Introduction PICNIC Green Challenge, fuelled by the Postcode Lottery

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