Network Partner PICNIC '09

Located in Hilversum's Mediapark, the centre of the Dutch TV industry, the The iMMovator Cross Media Network is specialised in new media developments in the audiovisual industry.

iMMovator is the convergence of ICT, Telecom and Create Industry enterprises, and aims to fill the gap that has traditionally existed in the broadcasting industry: innovation. Innovation was being delivered to broadcasting from outside – very few broadcasting companies have Research and Development departments. iMMovator looks at ways to improve innovation in the industry by encouraging cooperation within the Netherlands and initiating local projects. It has 4 mains components: Knowledge Transfer (iMMovator organizes regular Cross Media Café’s – workshops aimed at sharing knowledge), Projects (e.g. Project Digital TV, BreedNet), Innovation Center (management support, investment fund) and the Students Company (creating a link between media industry and higher education).

Supported by industry and government, Immovator runs an incubator for young cross media companies, has established two Medialab projects bringing together media and technology students and media companies, initiates research and organises meetings.‘Mediacentrum/MC3’ is an incubator/start-up centre, but not in a traditional sense – it is based on competition. There are some safeguards, but the principle is that these start-ups have to compete on the open market. At the same time there is a strong element of cooperation: many of the start-ups support each other in terms of know-how.

Contact information

  • IMMovator
  • sumatralaan 45
  • 1200 AC
  • Hilversum