We Colonised the Moon

Sue Corke (London, UK) and Hagen Betzwieser (Stuttgart, Germany) met by chance in 2008 at a bus stop whilst conducting artistic field work in Norway. Working for the last seven years as WE COLONISED THE MOON their graphic art and installation projects have embodied a range of DIY production techniques within
a partnership rooted in absurdism, characterised by slogans and catchphrases.

Sue Corke is a visual artist with an interest in the theatre of illustration. 

Hagen Betzwieser‘s artistic practice as The Institute of General Theory is exploring the gaps and connections between art and science to create New New Media.

Together they seek to demonstrate that the future may indeed be frightening,but also highly entertaining. Previous projects have included creating solutions for space waste by disguising satellites as asteroids; building a solar powered solarium because ‘the sun dies anyway’ and synthesising the smell of the moon. 

Different planets. Same concept.

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