Bart Ellenbroek

Going solo

My experiences during my second week at Mediamatic

After succesfully closing the Open lab event on sunday i started my second week the next day. This week was less hectic then the first one. I got to know Mediamatic and the clean lab so i was feeling ready to start my research.


Setup open clean lab - One of the tables during the open clean lab (9 & 10 September 2017)

The setup of one of the tables i used for the open clean lab and tours of the clean lab.


Renuka got a job in London, so she had her last day on monday. Lucia had her last day on wednesday. This meant i was alone in the lab from from then on. I like the idea of having freedom in the lab, but at the same time i think it will be a big challenge to start my research without any help or feedback from experienced colleagues. Today, monday 18th September, i am going to start writing a researchplan and make an inventory of the things we have in the lab and the things we need.

I want to collect knowledge in any possible way, wich is why i have been looking around for interested people to do collaborations with. I found Guus, a guy who works at Makerversity, a fab lab close to Mediamatic. He has access to multiple 3D printers, i would like to try to grow materials in 3D printed molds with him. We are having a meeting later today to discuss possibilities and show eachother our workplaces.
Kyliaen Rijsenburg, a friend of mine, is studying biology at the University of Wageningen. He is coming to the clean lab on friday 22 September to share some basic lab knowledge with me, like how to work sterile. He is very interested in mycelium materials aswell, so we might end up doing some research together.

During the second week of my internship i gave a few tours of the Clean Lab to students from The Netherlands and Denmark. I used the same setup as we used for the Open-Lab weekend to give a quick overview of the growing process. We had about 5 groups. I liked to tell other (product design) students what im doing. By doing this i realized that i prefer doing the talks in english rather then Dutch. I noticed that i like talking in English a lot more then before i started at Mediamatic.

Stay tuned for an update on my researchplan!