Internship Programme: Secretopia

Do research on bodily secretions in art and science

Secretopia is Mediamatic’s inquiry into human secretions through art, science and design. After exploring the potential of urine in The Pis’ Project, we decided to expand the programme to all sorts of human secretions. The Pis’ Project turned into Secretopia. In this series of talks, workshops, exhibitions and performances we consider bodily fluids in a multidisciplinary manner. Are you curious how different fields are interwoven into an interesting project or event? Apply for the internship within the secretopia research project at Mediamatic!


Ink in water - Fascinating patterns created by yellow ink mixing with water Leonardo Aguiar

We are looking for an intern who will help us develop our Secretopia Programme. Together with our programme team you will work on various taks ranging from research and writing, organisation and production. In the end, you will learn to work on developing a potential event within the Secretopia Programme line at Mediamatic. 


• Help organising the public program with the producers, artists and scientists
• Do research and keep track of the developments in the fields of interest
• Help write weekly blogposts on your research
• Create collaborations with people from different fields like design, science and art
• More tasks in consultation


• You are fluent in English (both speaking and writing)
You have an higher or academic educational level
• You have good communication skills
• You can work independently and you are a problem solver
• You are good in doing research on the internet and you know how to work with Apple
• You are flexibly available for at least a 100 working days

What do we offer?

• An inspiring work environment in the centre of Amsterdam
• A wide national and international network in the arts, culture and bio-sector
• Free entrance to our events and workshops
• A placement fee of € 250 gross with a full-time internship 

Practical Stuff

• Every internship at Mediamatic lasts 100 working days
• We will ask you to work flexible hours, to also be occasionally available during the weekend. 
• Next to being involved with Secretopia, you will also be involved with other projects that are running at the moment.


Send a short letter with CV to with the subject ‘internship programming: Secretopia’. Please mention your preferred starting date. All attachments in PDF please.