Stine Troost

Expeditie Oosterdok

The neighbourhood Oosterdok has gone hand in hand with an urge for innovation. For the last centuries the place has been filled with institutions and companies that are driffen with a passion for exploration and creativity. Nowadays most of the institutions and companies of this area joined a collaboration named Expeditie Oosterdok to enhance the prominence of this neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Oosterdok

The neighbourhood Oosterdok is located at the heart of Amsterdam. A passion for exploration and creativity are in the district’s DNA. Mediamatic is among 10 other institutions who together form a collaboration to enhance the prominence of this area. Since February 2017, these joined forces build the partnership of Expeditie Oosterdok. By working together, we aim to deliver a strong, comprehensive programme of events tailored to our location. We don’t shy away from experiment. In contrast, our collaborative programming of projects means that Oosterdok is known as the place for discovery, innovation, and internationalisation, where everyone is welcome.


At Mediamatic we have a fascination for the work of the biologist Ernst Haeckel. The drawings of the micro-organisms he discovered are so diverse that we all can find one we like. This diversity is being spreaded by us through the neighbourhood to enhance the visibility of the directions to Oosterdok. So in a few weeks, the details we selected for you will make your visit to Oosterdok and Mediamatic clearer and magnificent for the eye!

Opening 21st of april

At the 21st of April we are celebrating that we all are part of this neighboorhoud with its rich history. During the day Mediamatic is open hosting many different events. You can come to have a bite of our primordial soup, to see what a face would look like when it's made from mycelium and to listen some music while having a drink. 

You can find the program for this day here.