Art Olfaction Amsterdam

Mediamatic - IAO - Summer

Mediamatic and the institute for Art and Olfaction Team up for a summer program exploring innovative topics around olfaction. Over the course of a month, the IAO Los Angeles team will be in residence at Mediamatic in the first part of an ongoing research and programme on open scent culture and olfactory art.

Join us in our Aroma Lab for perfume blending workshops, follow our live on-site podcast production, learn about sex smells and join our aromatic game show, or a range of other activities presented by the IAO's Los Angeles-based team.


Scents Apparatus by Margherita Soldati - Scents Apparatus created by Margherita Soldati, will be on display at Odorama 7 Margherita Soldati

With special thanks to International Flavors and Fragrances and Pochpac for sponsoring this programme.



Distilling the scent of leaves - Olfactory artist Klara Ravat gave a workshop on how to distill the scent of Amsterdam. Klara Ravat, Margherita Soldati

About the Institute for Art and Olfaction

One of the IAO goals is to provide an accessible and affordable education in their laboratory for the people who have traditionally not had access. They also support the art and perfume communities by advancing experimental practices through ongoing creative residency programs, community-minded events (Experimental Scent Summit, A.I.X. Scent Fair), and through the Art and Olfaction Awards.



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