Valienska Magfira, Zane Cerpina

In the End, We Only Have Ourselves

Body as a Restaurant by Zane Cerpina

Time is of the essence. Human progression and technological advancements have led us to turn our world to the new age- the Age of Man; the Anthropocene. When we can no longer rely on mother nature’s sources, we have to really look within ourselves for answers- which is of course our body’s nutritional values. 


Zane Cerpina, BaaR, 2016 - Zane Cerpina

Intensive research on the progression of food production and the Anthropocene have inspired Zane Cerpina to come up with BaaR (Body as a Restaurant). It is a revolutionary concept that looks at the possibility of culturing meat from the individual’s samples of muscles. It may be a radical concept at first, but we have to remember that culturing meat from a single cell has been proven possible.

BaaR may give us the answer to a self-sustaining future for the survival of the human race. But it raises more questions than answers with regards to the ethics of auto-cannibalism, veganism, and our consumption habits. So perhaps desperate times calls for desperate measures. And at least this time, food rationing may be a bit easier.

But can we say that we’re already at desperate times?