Office Red Boxes

As you may have noticed there is an abundance of red boxes in the Mediamatic office. We use these for both staff and office equipment.

If you find that you need to create a new label for the boxes, then you have two options.
Option one is for staff boxes, these boxes have a Chinese number on them and a smaller number on the side. To make these decals you will first need to familiarise yourself with the ‘How to use the vinyl cutter’ page. After doing this, turn on the Chinese keyboard in illustrator and type your required number, this needs to be 430pt. After this, you will need a small number to go on the side of the box. This corresponds to the Chinese number but just allows us to see what the box is. This number needs to be 80pt. Option two is for office supplies. You will need to use Regular Georgia and set it at 140pt, then just write, as simply as possible, what is going to be in the box.