Filipendula ulmaria

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Meadowsweet - Author:  AnRo0002


Filipendula ulmaria, or meadow sweet (also known as queen of the meadow) is part of the rosaceae family. It is a perennial that blooms from June - August. It prefers wet grounds, such as marshes, swamps, wet woods, and riversides.

Meadow sweet was one of the three sacred herbs of the Druids. It can be used as an alternative to aspirin and does not cause the same gastric ulceration that the drug does. Additionally, it has a long history as a treatment for a variety of stomach and digestive issues - from heartburn and peptic ulcers to diarrhoea. The dried leaves, flowers, and roots can all be used in a tea (the leaves are used as a sweetener). The flowers are also used as flavoring in some alcoholic beverages. Additionally a fragrant essential oil can be extracted from the flower buds, and both the roots and plant tops can be used as dyeing agents (producing brown and yellow dyes respectively).