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Niki Milioni (30) cares to contribute to the process of self-discovery and selfexpression for the visible and invisible children in this world. After her studies in fashion design at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, her practice has aimed to be a dialogue-based co-creation with the people she works with; from artists and fashion designers to children and drag queens.
Since 2019 she is holding space for fashion-based-making interactions with children in the space of modedoen (doingfashion). Modedoen is a play-, making- and learning ground in which the healing and empowering potential of dressing, self-expression and embodiment is explored and celebrated with youngsters ages 8-18. It fosters core values such as friendship, authenticity, dialogue, choice, autonomy, play and heartfulness.
In 2020 she completed the ArtEZ MA programme Practice Held in Common, which offered her a fertile ground to explore and activate alternative modes of collaborative production.

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