Gökçe Baykan, Gabrielle de Haseth

Haeckel Hunt

"Catch’em all around Oosterdok!" Remastered

Maybe you have already come across the mysterious signs popping all around the Oosterdok region and wondered what they are.


Haeckel-ruit-bord-27.png -

These signs originate from the famous book Kunstformen der Natur, in which German biologist Ernst Haeckel discovered, named and illustrated thousands of new species for the first time in the history. In our educational game "Catch'em all around Oosterdok", we've asked the treasure hunters to set off an expedition to explore the area and discover all the signs.

Now we are raising the bar a bit, using newest technology to remaster our game.


Banner-AR -

Through an augmented reality application that would be launched on the Google Play Store and App Store, hunters can now scan the signs, be immersed in the world of Haeckel's tafels and solve quiz questions to learn more about them.

For those of you who are interested in the game, we will be sharing a series of blog posts on our progress.

Truly excited to be working on such a fascinating project and can not wait to see it come to life!