Doing an internship at Mediamatic

Here you can find info about doing an internship at Mediamatic.

  • An internship at Mediamatic is a 100 working days, unless otherwise discussed. This means that at a full time, 5 days a week, internship. The internship will take about 20 weeks or 5 months. 
  • We offer internship remuneration of €250,— gross per month at a 40 hours a week commitment, at 4 days a week this becomes €200,— gross per month, and at 3 days this becomes €150,— gross per month.
  • During the internship you get free acces to workshops (if there are spots available) and other events.
  • We always offer various internship, when applying please mention for which period you would be interested in doing the internship.
  • When applying please provide us with a cover letter and resume ind PDF format, and if applicable a portfolio (online or PDF).
  • We expect a certain degree of independence and work ethic.
  • Any over hours that are made by for example by assisting or producing events, can be taken up. 
  • It is possible to take up vacation days, these will be added to the duration of your internship.