Doing an internship at Mediamatic

Here you can find information about doing an internship at Mediamatic.


Working Together! - Mediamatic and Framer Framed invited Lebanese—Egyptian street artist Bahia Shehab to create a brand new calligraphic graffiti wall at Mediamatic Biotoop. Bahia Shehab became a political activist during the Arabic Spring when she decided to transform her earlier research and exhibited art project about Arabic calligraphy into graffiti in the streets of Cairo. ‘Al—Rihla’ means ‘The Journey’, and depicts a poem by Mahmoud Darwish. Anisa Xhomaqi

  • An internship at Mediamatic is 100 working days. This means that full time, 5 days a week, the internship will take 20 weeks. Doing 4 days a week is also possible but the total duration of the internship will be extended since you will have to fulfill the 100 working days.

  • We also offer summer internships, these are shorter than our regular internships and are for the period of June till August.
  • We do not offer travel compensation.

  • It is not possible to do an internship when you have graduated for longer than six months before the start of an internship at Mediamatic
  • All Mediamatic internships include a 25%  mandatory participation of doing tasks outside your internship role.

This philosophy is part of our program, but also of our organization. As an intern, you will notice that part of your internship is also taking care of our building and space, helping others with their projects and preparing spaces and technical installations for our program. We try to do as much as possible by ourselves, management and interns together, to get an understanding of all the different skills needed to run an art space. Examples of this include: weekly communal gardening on Tuesday afternoon, and every Thursday afternoon we work together to clean and take care of our building.

As an organization, we think DIY is very important. You can see this in our program: we always try to combine our researches and artworks with workshops where the public can learn how to make, create, design and research on their own. This is also the reason that our website is so extensive: we are completely open source and share all our knowledge, successes and failures with our public.

  • At Mediamatic we expect a hands-on mentality and a certain degree of independence and work ethic.
  • Working days (Monday through Friday) start at 09:30 AM and end at 6:00 PM, including a 30 minute afternoon break.
  • As an intern you are expected to assist with events and workshops in the evening and on the weekends when needed. 
  • We offer internship remuneration of €400,— gross per month at a 5 days a week commitment, at 4 days a week this becomes €320,— gross per month. Payments happen around the 22nd of the month and are based on the worked days from the 1st day of the month till the last day of the month.

  • If you are an international student or non-Dutch: It's important to get a BSN (Dutch social security number) as soon as possible because without it, we cannot pay your internship compensation.
  • It is only possible to combine a school project with your internship when it has mutual value to the organisation. The occurrence of this event has to be agreed upon beforehand with Mediamatic.
  • During the internship you get free access to workshops and other events.
  • We always offer various internships, when applying please mention the specific internship and for which period you would be interested in doing the internship.
  • When applying, please provide us with a cover letter and resume in PDF format, and if applicable a portfolio (online or PDF).
  • Any over hours that are made by assisting or producing events, can be exchanged.
  • It is possible to take up vacation days after approval of  your manager or mentor. These vacation days will be added to the end date of your internship.
  • Mediamatic does not provide VISA services or work permits.
  • Not everything we do will be in English. Since we are based in Amsterdam, parts of our communication and projects will be in Dutch.
  • There are no stupid questions, if you're unsure about something all colleagues and mentors will gladly help.