Nathan Henneken

Who Got Inspired?

Restaurants that adopted the Serres Séparées concept

A few restaurants over the world that were inspired by the idea to serve food in a greenhouse. Some examples look close to the greenhouses that we have at Mediamatic, while others made some serious upgrades. 

New York Rooftop Restaurant

The owners of Ampia Restaurant & Rooftop wanted to give people the feeling that they were in their own world, so they could enjoy themselves without having to worry. They decided to apply the Serres concept to their new restaurant, on the rooftop of a building in the financial district in New York.


Greenhouses in New York - by Travis W Keyes Photography via  Timeout


The Rose Garden in Chicago

The owner of the restaurant The Darling in Chicago's The Loop district, says she was inspired by a video by the BBC she saw about Mediamatic ETEN. She wanted to allow people to have 'a night out' again, all while the guests and employees can feel safe. Thanks to Chicago's "Open Street" programme, where restaurants could expand their terraces to the street, a beautiful Rose Garden could be created with 10 little greenhouses.


Greenhouses in Chicago - by restaurant The Darling via  Instagram


Dining in the middle of the British hills

Elsewhere in Europe, the idea of dining in greenhouses was a hit as well. Since July, five small greenhouses can be found in a meadow in the Cotswold Hills in the UK. They were placed there by The Scenic Supper, a new dining experience where people can eat in greenhouses while they enjoy the charming landscape.


Serres in the UK - by The Scenic Supper via Instagram


Greenhouse dining in a restaurant garden

A few greenhouses have also been placed in the garden of restaurant Cartford INN in Preston, United Kingdom. Dining here in this natural environment almost looks straight out of a fairy tale!


Serres in Preston, UK - by restaurant Cartford Inn via Instagram


Dining next to the Operahouse in Denmark

In their own words, directly inspired by the Serres at Mediamatic, café restaurant Ofelia in Copenhagen has also created a terrace with greenhouses, right next to the water and the impressive opera building!


Serres in Denmark - by Cafe & Restaurant Ofelia via Instagram


Greenhouses by the river in Germany

Since October of this year, Anleger 1870 in Hamburg, Germany, became the first restaurant in the country to have a terrace with greenhouses. In these greenhouses, two to eight people can enjoy their dinner with a view over the river.


Serres in Germany - by restaurant Anleger 1870 via Instagram