Philipp Schueller

Fashion Biologist and Curator


Philipp Schueller - Courtesy by Philipp Schueller Philipp Schueller

Philipp is a cross-disciplinary thinker and designer aspiring to become a ‘fashion biologist’ during his residency at the Jan van Eyck Academy commencing November 2021. Philipp’s work is departing from fashion, transforming into speculative future-scapes. 

After significant experience in the fashion industry, he explored challenging the conventions of fashion as one half of design duo SCHUELLER DE WAAL. The last couple of years SDW investigated how to work around the ‘mantra’ of newness in fashion and its dilemma in contemporary society through their vision of “fashion therapy”. 

Currently Philipp is at a transition point of re-defining his practice. He would like to approach his fashion research similar to biologists studying the quality of all living things. He wants to speculate about future ‘fashion species’ and is intrigued by the idea of analysing fashion as ‘skin’ in an evolutionary sense, comparing it to lifeforms that shed or change their skin to modify their appearance in order to survive. 

Considering his residency Philipp is interested in the biodiversity studies of the JvE Lab for Nature Research to explore how his findings can shape a practice that can catalyse positive change in the fight against the extinction of flora and fauna. 

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