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Ordering Staff Lunch


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Ordering staff lunch

To keep the bellies full and the staff happy, food is needed. This task is as simple as it sounds. On this page you’ll get a step by step walkthrough on how to do this simple task.

Who’s responsible

The chef is responsible for the staff lunch. This person has to make sure all the interns who cook know where to find the products, how to co-work with the chef’s in the kitchen and how to serve the food. The floor manager is also responsible for keeping track of the products and when the ordering has to be done. If the floor manager is gone, the next responsible person will be the chef of the kitchen.


The products used the staff lunch are stored in various places within Mediamatic. There is a staff fridge in the kitchen for leftovers (Number K2), a storage area in the dry storage for dry/ sealed products (this is in the far right corner of the dry storage) and another fridge in the dry storage (left of the door) to keep the fresh vegetables. Many products like garlic, onions, olive oil etc. are shared with the kitchen, keep in mind to communicate well with them about what to use and what not to use.

Keeping track of which products we have

Before you order any products it’s important to check what is still in the storage/ fridge. Having a stock list of the standard ingredients would be helpful, here’s a good start:

Pasta (Whole grains)

Rice (Whole grains)



Tomato sauce

Coconut cream

Canned beans

Canned corn

A variety of vegetables (seasonal vegetables can be cheaper!)

Tempeh/ tofu


Cous cous/ bulgur

Noodles (no egg)


Sauces (soy, sriracha, vegan sambal, vegan pesto)

The amount of the products may vary, never order too much because we don’t like to waste products.


The chef is the person who order. This can be done daily and deliveries arrive the day after. It’s best to order once a week (this can be discussed with the chef which day is most suitable), it might happen that you forget products, then it’s alright to put an extra order. Also communicate with the chef/ kitchen about leftovers. These are often still useable and can be turned into staff food.

The deliveries for the restaurant arrive at the same time as the deliveries for the staff lunch. Keep an eye on what you take and what the kitchen takes, communication is key.