Daniël Smit

Terras Tables

how they are made and maintenance


Terras tables -

How they are made:

The terras tables are ordered (by Willem) and then altered to fit the parasol. 

There are holes made in the table with a template to fit the steel fitting and a hole for the tensioner to fit thru. 

the tables are treated with teak-olie from koopmans. The tables do get grey quickly and require regular maintenance. They do seem to get green quite quickly we could consider using a stronger finish to extend its lifespan between coats



When the tables lose their color the need a new layer of oil. If the tables are not properly cleaned the dirt will be trapped under the new layer of finish. 

Maintenance steps 

1. Take the table off the parasol pole.

2. take the hardware off the table

3. Soak the tables with green soap and salt water

4. scrub the tables with a steel brush and rinse repeat if needed.

5. Let the table dry and sand the top layer of the table with a orbital sander.  

6. If needed repair damages to the table, and sand after. 

7. apply several layers of oil. follow the instructions of the manufacturer. let dry in between coats.
Check if the bottom also needs a coat. If only the top is properly coating the table might bow. 

8. Put the hardware back and put the tables back on the parasols. don't tighten the alen screws to much the parasol steel wil buckle.