Follow the Fungi Trail at Micropia

Fungi Trail at Micropia

24 Sep 2022
2 Oct 2022

A route throughout the museum about the diverse world of fungi and all their important roles in the environment and our daily lives. From helping plants grow and keeping us healthy, to producing delicious foods and creating sustainable tools for the future.


Wall full of 'cuddly' fungi in ARTIS-Micropia - The Fungal Wall Taken from: Published on May 31st, 2022. "The Fungal Wall" work by artist Lizan Freijsen shown in ARTIS-Micropia, Amsterdam.  This photo is part of The Plastic Picknicker .

Fungi Trail: traces of fungi in nature and culture

At the start of the new autumn season, we dive into the world of mycelia, fungi and fungi. The Fungi Trail is a program collaboration between the Hortus, Mediamatic and Micropia. From mid-September until October, podcasts, guided tours, workshops, dinners, children's activities and art projects will be organized, all focusing on fantastic fungi! For example, we're going fungal in the Hortus with a special series of Hortus Talks series full of fascinating guests. And there are special themed tours - also for children.

For more information, tickets, and to see the full program, visit the Micropia website.