Yvette Hengeveld

Mycelium - The (un)attached love between life & death

Mycelium is all sorts of things but it is also incredibly strong. This strength exists through Mycelium finding its resources to grow. Mycelium is a living thing that attaches itself to anything dead or alive in order to strengthen itself. Arne discovered that the mycelium is clinging to the pavement where it has been put after the gentle disco. The longer it stays the stronger it is attached to the pavement and you need more force to pick it up. 

But what is it doing and why is it this strong? If you asked me I would say it is the urge to find its deepest love to connect with the soil. But in order to get there Mycelium has to conquer a lot of obstacles in life. And as we now know it, Mycelium fell in love with many other flooring materials like brick, wood and epoxy before it found its infinite love soil. But falling in love and letting go of your old loves is not easy for anyone. I had to divorce and separate Mycelium many times from its first lovers and I have to say their kisses and hugs were very strong. The most interesting conclusion was that epoxy had the most adhesive strength, as second brick, as third wood and at last soil. So can we say, the less soil the stronger the connection? Or the more soil, the more freedom in life?


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