Final presentation Slow Writing Lab

Nederlands Letterenfonds

19 Jan 2024

On Friday, Jan. 19, the final presentation of Slow Writing Lab 2023 will take place at Mediamatic in Amsterdam. Over the past year, the eighth batch of this talent development program has been given the space to develop their writing.

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Eindpresentatie Slow Writing Lab -

The creators have had a full year of writing with each other, providing feedback, gaining new perspectives and weaving together this final presentation. Together, the young writers are releasing a collection that they are happy to share on this evening.

Slow Writing Lab 2023 participants are both skilled and self-taught creators, from the Netherlands and Belgium. The selected participants and affiliated organizations are:

Houda Bibouda - Poetry Circle Nowhere (Amsterdam)

Tine Decraemer - RITCS (Brussel)

Stan Frijsinger - ArtEZ (Arnhem)

Hasan Gök - Poetry Circle Nowhere (Amsterdam)

Mila Haak - HKU (Utrecht)

Wietse Leenders - ArtEZ (Arnhem)

Sefora Sam - Mama’s Open Mic (Antwerpen)

Joachim Schoones - Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam)

Tine Tabak - HKU (Utrecht)

Mona Thijs - Woordkunst (Antwerpen)

Emma Wiersma - Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam)

Sumai Yahya - El Hizjra (Amsterdam)

About the Slow Writing Lab
The Slow Writing Lab is one of the talent development programs of the Dutch Foundation for Literature. The Lab offers as yet unpublished writers a 'free master' that is entirely focused on the further development of their individual writing. The program offers room for research and deepening, acquiring (new) skills, developing competencies, (professional) orientation and professional growth.
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Date: Friday, January 19

Time: 19.30 - 21.15 incl. short break, (walk-in 19.00)

Location: Mediamatic, Dijksgracht 6, 1019 BS Amsterdam

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