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Erica Monde is a filmmaker, anthropologist and artist from Northern California currently based in Scotland. Her work focuses on the relationships between the body and the environment, queer ecologies, medicine, ritual and healing, and studying practices and experiences of her own and other bodies.

She holds a Master of Fine arts in documentary directing from the University of Edinburgh and an MA in medical anthropology from the University of Heidelberg, and draws on over a decade of experience in somatic practices such as dance, focusing, and movement studies. She is co-founder of IMPRINT Documentary Collective, an international, feminist film collective working on embodiment and the body in filmmaking.

In her short personal essay documentary, There's Not Much We Can Do, Erica reflects on her journey of getting diagnosed with endometriosis through observing the invasive Japanese knotweed.

The film premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival and can now be seen at Mediamatic during our Japanese Knotweed Season!

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