Fantastic Materials

by DesignLab Rietveld

19 Apr 2024
21 Apr 2024

From 19 to 21 April, come and discover the exhibition "Fantastic Materials" presenting the research carried out over a trimester by DesignLab Rietveld students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie

Join us for the opening on the 19th of April at 17:30


Fantastic Materials Exhibition Poster DesignLab Rietveld -

By placing narrative and materiality on the same level, the exhibition ''Fantastic Materials'' invites to explore the discovery, materialization and design transformation of fictional substances. 

The philosophy of the exhibition is to merge product design with fiction, emphasizing the blend of narrative and materiality. Encouraging creative exploration across design disciplines to create a space where technical skills meet boundless imagination. The goal of the students is to invent an imaginary material that mirrors and impacts a narrative context and design cultural artifacts accordingly. 


  • Discovery: Creating a scenario focusing on an imaginary material, defining its context and fantastical specifics.
  • Materialization: Creating the material and potential extraction tools.
  • Design transformation: Transforming the raw material into a product that takes into account its technical properties.

Designers (lab1 students): 

Cassiopee Charles-messance, Karina Kalantajevska, Renske Pottinga, Oonagh Remkes, Jules Ligthart, Matilde Yilmaz, Aleksy Domke, Jacob Olvik, Bela Dizdar and Nina merk 

Designers Assistant (lab2 students):

Yavor Kalaydzhiev, Julian Woudstra, Paolo Hamann, Chaelim Kwon, Stijn Weski, Ebel Elzes and Milan Dop

The project was led and curated by Dungeon & Design: Pauline Rip and Jonas Hejduk