Tomoko Mukaiyama



Portrait Tomoko Mukaiyama - Photographer: Yayoi Arimoto

Tomoko Mukaiyama is a Dutch-Japanese pianist, visual artist and director based in Amsterdam. 

In 1991 she was the first Japanese pianist to win the prestigious Dutch Gaudeamus competition and in 1993 she won the Muramatsu Prize in Japan, which is awarded to an outstanding musician. She has been engaged by many prestigious orchestras and ensembles throughout the world, like the Ensemble Modern in Frankfurt, the London Sinfonietta and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, among many others. Tomoko pushes on the boundaries of the classical music world; she has a fascination for offbeat contemporary art projects and plays with the conventions around her instrument, her profession and its performance. Tomoko uses her experience as a concert pianist to bring new dimensions to the concert space – as a multi-modal artist she develops performing arts projects and art installations that combine music with modern dance, fashion and visual art.

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