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WDCD Amsterdam Live 2024 - This year’s festival will take place at the beautiful Muziekgebouw and features an immersive programme of talks and workshops on design and climate justice. Join us at WDCD Live to explore how creative activism can be a powerful tool for disruption—and learn from changemakers who are paving the way.

What Design Can Do (WDCD) is an international organisation that seeks to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, fair and just society using the power of design. Based in Amsterdam, with hubs in São Paulo, Mexico City, Delhi, Nairobi and Tokyo, WDCD started in 2011 and is initiated, curated and organised by creatives.

Since 2015, WDCD has challenged the international creative community to tackle the world’s most pressing issues. Each Challenge provides creatives with the connections, resources, skills and funding that’s needed to pilot, test and scale new innovations.

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