Jonathan Marks

Media Anthropologist & Insultant

Raised in TV and radio production, now using that knowledge of how things are made with a media lab in Benin. We're using social media, combined with radio to empower communities in West Africa. This is 90% community, 10% radio - we're there to empower people, not train disc jockeys. Community media is vital as climate change kicks in even more than it has. Concentrating on using media to empower women and young adults. I am inspired by community radio in Benin and Ghana. Fascinated by Web 3.0 and emerging media. Amazed at the new business models coming out of Africa in combination with telecoms. Using a blog, wiki and mindmeister as part of a personal career strategy. Attended DLD-09 and LIFT-09. Hope my schedule permits to get the REBOOT-11

Background in traditional media (running teams of 300+) making radio and TV Shows. Hosted and produced a media show "Media Network" for 20 years before switching to new media, podcasts and vodcasts. Commercial work is offset by development aid projects in West Africa that are paid in smiles. Really enjoy getting to hear other perspectives. Cannot stand routine, which is why I began full-time project work 5 years ago. Use web and social media tools in daily life. Hired my son (20) Chris to help me with a new series of projects in 2009. That's enough about me....tell me more about yourself.

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