Niki Smit

I like images !

Niki Smit is a visual artist specializing in Poetic images.
He works at Monobanda as a visual and conceptual artist.

Niki Smit is a visual artist with a degree in Multimedia design and a Bachelor of Arts and Technology. This Bachelor was acquired with the study Design for Virtual Theatre and Games. A study that mixes digital media and theatre.
It was here that he discovered his big interest. Finding new ways to combine digital imagery with real life space. Niki uses photography and film to create poetic images that invite viewers to stop and see the little things that matter. He hopes he can invoke a feeling of wonder in a viewer. The kind of feeling we seem to lose when we get older. In this environment today, where we are bombarded with images, Niki searches new ways for imagery to be fresh and amazing again. He strongly believes that the feeling of being there, physically in the moment, provides these new ways.

When he is not running around shooting things (with his camera, mind you!), he sits around with his Monobanda friends dreaming up fantastic installations, wondrous games, and maybe a pure poetic moment.

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Niki is co-founder of Monobanda.
Monobanda creates interactive moments that use a mixture of virtual space and real space elements. We call this mix Fusionplay. This means fusing elements of play (real or virtual) and various media together that evolve into new and surprising results.
Our projects can be put to use for commercial, cultural or educative purposes.

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