Andrew Keen

Author of Cult of the Amateur and Founder of afterTV

The San Francisco Chronicle recently wrote that “every good movement needs a contrarian. Web 2.0 has Andrew Keen.”

Andrew is indeed the leading contemporary critic of the Internet. His deeply controversial and provocative CULT OF THE AMATEUR (2007) is the first book that exposes the economic, ethical and social dangers of the Web 2.0 revolution.

Andrew hasn’t always been a contrarian. In the mid Nineties, he was a member of that pioneering generation of Silicon Valley visionaries who first “got” the Internet. He founded in 1995 and established it as one of the most highly trafficked websites of the late Nineties. As the Chief Executive of, he spoke regularly on the digital media circuit and was featured and quoted in many newspapers and magazines including Esquire, The Industry Standard, Business Week, Wired, the Wall Street Journal and The London Guardian.

Born and bred in North London, Andrew was educated at London University, where he graduated with a First Class Honors degree in Modern History. He was a British Council Fellow at the University of Sarajevo and a Berkeley-Stanford MacArthur scholar at UC Berkeley. Today, he is the host of the popular Internet chat show and regularly appears on television and radio. His writing can be found on his CultoftheAmateur weblog, on ZDNet and as well as in traditional publications like the Weekly Standard, Fast Company and the San Francisco Chronicle.

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