Jonathan Marks

Playing Devil's Advocate in the Orchestra of Change

What do I do? I spend about a quarter of my time doing strategic consulting on the impact on social media, another quarter on travelling to meet leaders-of-tomorrow in their own context and the other half of my existance writing and producting both audio and video productions. I've managed production teams of up to 270 people, but it is clearly the "lean and mean" projects that give me the most enjoyment. I also like to mix purely commercial activities with projects that, in some small way, help others in developing countries. Like the project.

My work is a mixture of strategic brainstorming, production and training. Despite the weird events in the airline business, I still enjoy travelling and I have been particularly inspired by visits in recent weeks to Stockholm, Bergen, Munich, Bonn, Paris, London and Barcelona. I have also travelled widely and lectured in Eastern Europe and West Africa over the past 12 months. Selected photos of the trips are on my Flickr account.

It is great to discover professionals doing great work in parts of the world outside the "Web 2.0" hype . The number of conferences has mushroomed - though I believe there has been a general decline in quality of most of them. I have already become more selective in 2007. So much money is being wasted setting up monologues in darkened rooms, instead of open dialogues in inspiring surroundings.

For the moment, I am currently concentrating more on writing, research and producing, as well as producing and moderating "by invitation only" events. I am curious to see what Picnic 2007 delivers in terms of sustainable conversations. This blog is a step in the right direction.