Bas van Abel

Head of Design, Waag Society


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Bas van Abel works as Head of Design at Waag Society. He is running Waag Society’s Sensitive atelier ( and Fablab (

With a background in interaction design and a personal interest in prototyping technologies and electronics Bas has been working on many Waag projects both as a designer and technical engineer. As head of Atelier Sensitive the current focus of his work is on designing tangible interactive experiences.

Atelier Sensitive fits in a long Dutch design tradition. It is aimed at designing sensitive environments and objects, to enable an intelligent interaction with and between users. In this process, sensual perception is the central issue. Atelier Sensitive has it’s own prototyping facilities.

Prototyping is an essential part of Waag Society’s design based research. Bas developed several workshop formats based on prototyping techniques, ranging from design education to innovation processes.

Waag Society’s prototyping facilities are open to the public under the Fablab program. Fablab is an abbreviation for Fabrication Laboratory. In a Fablab, (almost) any type of object can be created beyond the confines of Research & Development departments of industrial monopolists. Fablabs directly facilitate self-expression through personal fabrication. According to Waag Society Fablabs, may be the key to true open innovation.

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