Nerea Calvillo

Founder of In The Air

Nerea Calvillo is an architect, working across international competitions, exhibition design and cartographical projects, founder of In The Air platform.

After working in several internationally acclaimed architectural firms such as NO.MAD, Madrid, and F.O.A., London, she opened C+arquitectos in 2004.

Specialised in new technologies as design tools, they have designed several ditigal contemporary art exhibitions, like the videogame exhibition Homo Ludens Ludens in Laboral (Gijon, Spain) or Disident Cartographies at MAC (Santiago de Chile, Chile). EUROPAN, and other social housing competitions have been awarded, and the office was selected for FreshMadrid, an selection of emergent practices in 2007.

Her research projects oriented towards data visualization and cartographies have been developed in workshops at international universities and medialabs, which include Invisible Cartographies in PEI, Bogotá (Colombia), and In The Air, in Medialab-Prado, Madrid.

In The Air is a visualization project which aims to make visible the microscopic and invisible agents of any city´s air. It has been exhibited internationally at the Video Biennale 09 of Santiago de Chile, COATV for the Congress of Architects 09 and MECAD, Barcelona. It is a work in progress.

She received the MS in Advanced Architecture Design from Columbia University in 2001 as a Fulbright Fellow, working at the moment on her PhD on parametric design. Since 2006 holds a professorship at the Universidad Europea in Madrid.

Nerea is currently curating the seminar Digital Screens and Public Space in Medialab-Prado in Madrid.


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