Arnold Smeulders

Currently, Arnold Smeulders leads the Intelligent Systems Lab (ISLA) of the University of Amsterdam.

In this group, his scientific interest is in computer vision, content-based image and video retrieval, tracking, learning, and pictures and language. He has an extensive record in co-operations with Dutch industry and long-term relations with the Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid and the Nederlands Forensisch Instituut.

Since 2001, Arnold Smeulders is the director of MultimediaN. Multimedian is a public-private non-profit organization where the scientific world cooperates with industrial and other non-profit institutions. Together they strive to achieve high-quality multimedia solutions for the digital world of today and tomorrow. MultimediaN uses high-science, high-tech, and highly involved partnership to prove this mission.

He is currently also the director of ASCI, a nation-wide research school on computing and imaging and is an associate editor of the International Journal of Computer Vision and of the IEEE transactions on multimedia.

Since 2000, he was elected fellow of International Association of Pattern Recognition, and became an honorary member of the Dutch Society for Pattern Recognition and Image Processing.

Contact information

  • Arnold Smeulders
  • University of Amsterdam
  • 1098 SJ
  • Amsterdam
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