Monique De haas

crossmedia protagonist for a long time now

Monique works through her company Dondersteen Media as a crossmedia specialist. Monique received her bachelors' degree in economics and a masters in communication sciences. After that she made a zigzag movement through several mediachannels, working as an assistant to the director, editor as well as new business manager for television and internet. She developed media concepts for telecommunication operators, designing new services and business models as early as 1997. Monique worked for Cameo Media (SBS Productions) John de Mol Producties (Endemol) As an advisor she worked for DDV Telecommunications and Media Consultancy and Cap Gemini Ernst & Young Media. From 2001 with Dondersteen Media, Monique focusses on crossmedia communication.

Monique is a typical pioneer with a keen eye for new developments. She describes herself as a dondersteen, a Dutch word for a curious child that won't always listen and do what it is told, but instead tries to find its own approaches. Crossmedia communication is still in its infancy, so stepping of the usual path and trying to find new ways for getting the story across, is a very functional approach to start up necessary changes. The way in which Monique looks upon media is often seen as innovative. But for Monique it is the product of her experiences within al these media channels that she has worked for. "Crossmedia communication is a logical evolution for the way in which we use media".

Dondersteen Media focusses on playing a directive role in these developments and will be, by creating and producing strong crossmedia formats and products, demanding its position in the international media arena within the next 5 years

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