ICTRegie was created by the Dutch government to stimulate the innovative powers of the Netherlands by means of ICT research. The government’s goal is to develop a national ICT research and innovation strategy that is aimed at strengthening the Dutch ICT knowledge infrastructure and maximising the benefits for society and the economy.


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- Mobilisation: ICTRegie mobilises supply and demand in ICT knowledge around challenging themes. This takes place in what is referred to as "Communities of Interest"; groups that share an interest in a particular subject. Examples include economic themes (such as high-tech systems and materials and the creative industry), social themes (such as healthcare and security) and ICT themes (such as product software and enterprise information systems).

- Inspiration: the interaction in these communities generates inspiration for and commitment to new innovation themes that offer a wide range of new opportunities. The themes form the foundation for a national ICT innovation vision. The vision promotes cohesion and transparency in the field of ICT, which, in turn, serves as a source of inspiration for all interested parties.

- Investment: to be able to realise the opportunities arising from a national ICT innovation vision, ICTRegie sets up demand-driven ICT innovation programmes. By doing so, ICTRegie promotes the use of the results of ICT research.

These activities are described in greater detail in the ICTRegie Strategic Plan 2005-2010, It's the field's move.

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