Raul Lansink

CEO Favela Fabric

Raul Lansink is founder & partner of Favela Fabric, a co-creation consultancy. We help companies tap into the collective wisdom of audiences. Our objective is not scouring for an incidental idea, but redefining the relationship with customers, employees or stakeholders on a collaborative basis.

Tapping into the fabric of your audience will expand your capability for innovation, change and adoption. You will not only gain from the collective surge of ideas, but also from the impact of an energized community rallying around your product, brand or organization

I will be hosting the Picnic Special Beyond Co-creation together with my dear friend Albert Boswijk. Looking forward meeting you there!


Contact information

  • Raul Lansink
  • Frederiksplein 1
  • 1017XK
  • Amsterdam
  • NL