et in arcadia ego...

Harp Masters Recital- Maximilian Erhardt and the orchestra of the CVA

2 Oct 2009

In the 19th century many artists created fantasy worlds in order to not deal with reality.

The return to fairytales, greek mythology and everything that was considered "romantic" were a safe haven from the ordeals of everyday life.

In the beginning of the 20th century composers slowly started to face modern society and created works that reflected it.

The works chosen for maxilimian ehrhardt's final recital, show the different aspects of music around the turn of the century, the end of romantic.

et in arcadia ego...

Ravel - Introduction et Allegro
Hindemith - Sonate für Harfe
Faure - Impromptu op.86
Renie - Legende
Ginastera - Harp concerto op25

with assistance of an orchestra of the CvA conducted by Pablo Rus Broseta


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