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Interactive / Media / Design (IMD) is the youngest study program of the KABK. With "interactive" we mean all possible forms of interaction on-line as well as off-line, man versus man as well as man versus machine/moments/etc. With "media" we mean by use of every developed or yet to be developed medium. And with "design" we mean using design as a tool to make ideas and concepts accessible, usable and heard. This also means that it can be ugly as long as it serves your predefined goal. It won"t be about designing that great interface or how you can make things move over distance by rubbing a stuffed animal. It will be about educating the designers who live in the present with respect for the past and a view on the future. Not held back by any medium, mean, methodology, technique or technology. Since we live in interesting times where opportunities are virtually endless, these opportunities will be the toolbox of the designers when they graduate at KABK. This means that they should be able to use all possible ways to interact with people through any kind of medium, to get their message across. Not limited by versions of software or limitations in hardware or anything at all. If it doesn't exist yet they should be the spark that starts the fire.

The IMD students and staff have to work with real problems, real people and real conflicts. It should never be out of touch with what is happening in society. Students should be brave to take risks. Creative, ambitious, curious, social-engaged. The right balance between tradition and renewal. A unique educational program for young people who wish to make a positive difference in society. The criteria for success won't be only that students get good jobs after they graduate but moreover that they are able to create new and exiting jobs. The study should always have a direct link with the private, public and voluntary sector. The idea is to help organisations and individuals master the capability for innovation and creativity leveraging the IMD philosophy and methodology, combining the disciplines creative concept, project and process design.

Pool of Masterminds
The ever-expanding 'Pool of Masterminds' comprises of exceptional people in varying disciplines, from architecture to experience marketing to designers, both from The Netherlands and abroad. Mastermundo's concept and speakers follow the internationally oriented art education at the KABK closely, and students find themselves in the center of society. I/M/D students develop medium-independent concepts, and are educated to be a new generation of designer: one that crosses disciplinary borders, ventures into new areas of the working field and can make clever links and connections. During the study, each 2 weeks a Mastermind visits I/M/D to challenge, inspire, motivate the students. For the most recent overview of the Masterminds, visit I/M/D's weblog and look at the list on the right or search the blog with 'mastermind' as search term.

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