Camilo Ramada

Methodological Manager Latin America, Social TRade Organisation - STRO

Camilo Ramada was born in 1971 in Montevideo (Uruguay) and studied International Economic Relations at the University of Amsterdam.

Working since 1997 for the Social TRade Organisation – STRO (, he participated in the research and development that led to the creation of the C3 methodology.

This methodology aims to provide a competitive complementary currency tool, that is able to provide liquidity on a large scale and at different levels. The C3 method works both on micro-economic level (micro, medium and large enterprises), as well as on macro-economic level (governments and markets).

Ramada is part of the board of directors of STRO Uruguay (, where his main focus is on the methodological aspects of the implementation of a nationwide C3, the C3 Uruguay ( and, related to this, a C3 specifically for cooperative banks.

Ramada is also responsible for other methodological developments in Latin America, with special attention to Brazil, where he implemented C3 in different segments of the local market, mainly in the C3 CompRaS, in the South of Brazil (
Presently he is developing C3 for industrial production-chains sponsored by the State of Rio Grande do Sul (

Apart from the C3 projects, Ramada has experience in implementing and monitoring various local or complementary currency projects, such as Noppes (The Netherlands), Club del Trueque (Argentina), Banco Palmas (Brazil) and Bancos del Tiempo (Spain).

Ramada is co-author of “Poor because of Money” (Arm door Geld, the Netherlands, 2000) and coordinator and co-author of “Onde esta o Dinheiro?” (Brazil, 2001).