Snap Shot City (UK)

The snappiest and most inspiring photographic treasure hunt on the planet, returns!

Players across the city and around the world unite to document the world in this photo scavenger hunt.

Time: September 29, 2pm - 7pm
Location: CO&P HQ at Westergasfabriek
#of players: Unlimited - player can join in around the world
Duration: 5 hours

It’s a fun-fun game, it’s a knees-up party, it’s an experiment in community engagement. And best of all, it’s open to absolutely anyone with a digital camera and access to the Internet.

Snap-Shot-City is a world wide photographic treasure hunt that challenges people to become artists for a day, to meaningfully engage with their city and to tell stories about where they live through photographs. The game is played by teams based in cities all over the world, within the same time frame and on the same day - and linked online. We’re surrounded by treasure - and and the world wide game play reinforce fun ways to open peoples eyes to the everyday.

On September 29, teams in Amsterdam, and all around the world, will hit the streets and photograph the cities they live in. Each team will creatively interpret 20 themes to capture Snap Shots of their city - then head out to a collective world wide party to celebrate and share their snap-shot experiences!

Check out to see the 2006 Snap-Shot gallery and short film. Then register a team and tell your friends all over the world!

Designers: Bonnie Shaw

Bonnie drives Snap-Shot-City by linking the event with her work in emerging creative communities and online development, community engagement and urban design. With the superhuman efforts of the supremely talented, attractive, sleep deprived, creative genius of Michael and Brendan in Melbourne, Andrew, Chris and Anne in London, Matt and Tim in Christchurch, and the growing community of Snap-Shot-City players around the world, the event has grown from a ‘what if?’ into a continually evolving, world wide, creative exploration into the places in which we live. With some good good times along the way!