Addy Feuerstein

Co-Founder & CEO of AllofMe, LTD

An interactive media designer, consultant and teacher, Addy Feuerstein has designed and implemented user interface for games, websites, and desktop applications for various companies and institutions, including MeeVee, WebCollage, I.P. Planet and Cyota.

Addy has also worked at Zapa Digital Arts (renamed Gizmoz) as Product Manager. Addy has worked in Israel and California.
AllofMe is a web application for aggregating and managing personal digital assets - virtually any digital file, such as pictures, videos, documents, or internet pages. The assets appear online on a timeline, zoomable from a century to a day in a life. That timeline can be shared and compared with personal interest groups, such as family, friends, or colleagues, or any given topic, such as world historical events.


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