PICNIC'07 Academy

At the PICNIC Academy, a selection of PICNIC’07 speakers gave lectures, tutorials and master classes to students from different media disciplines.

Frank Boyd, Julian Bleecker, Adrian Hon, Gregory Trefry and Dennis Crowley enthralled students with their insightful talks on the interactivity in projects, virtual worlds and games. Michael Johnson, David Silverman and Danny Yount shared the creative process for developing animated movies and movie title sequences.

Candace Johnson shared her experience as a successful entrepreneur, and Kaiser Kuo highlighted his views on media in China and its development. Ben Fry showed the programming behind complex data visualization, and lastly David Weinberger presented his ideas on the breakdown of the established order of ordering on the internet.

Students were also offered the unique opportunity to voice their own opinions and engage in conversation with the speakers! It was all in all an incredibly educational, entertaining and inspirational event for the attending students.

In a 4 hour challenge fueled by much caffeine and chips, 20 students from the Hogeschool van Amsterdam collaborated in teams to create winning robot fighter strategies. The exercise was designed to enhance the students' analysis and coding skills, as well as ability to "think on your feet". Winners became proud owners of radio-controlled aeroplanes, while the 2nd and 3rd runnerups received a signed copy of Building Spring 2 Enterprise Applications by Bram Smeets and JTeam shirts.

Students create at PICNIC
A group of GNR8 students documented their PICNIC'07 experience and created their very own PICNIC video report windowmediaplayer only

The following schools and universities were part of the PICNIC Academy Experience:

• CHN University Netherlands
• Communicatie en Multimedia Design Breda
• Haagse Hogeschool
• Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Instituut voor Interactieve Media
• Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Instituut voor Informatica
• Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Instituut voor Media & Informatie Management
• Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunst Den Haag
• New Business School Amsterdam
• Noordelijke Hogeschool Leeuwarden
• Sandberg Institute
• Saxion Hogeschool Enschede
• Universiteit van Amsterdam
• Universiteit van Utrecht
• Willem de Kooning Academie