Hubert Guillaud

Journalist and editor in chief of, the web media of Internet Next Generation Foundation in France. Live blogger in french for FingLive. Since 2009, InternetActu is an official partner of, Technology.

Our papers from PicNic last edition in french : PicNic2008 en français

FING is a collective and open Research and Development project which focuses on tomorrow's Internet's uses, applications and services.

FING views the future Internet as not only more reliable, mobile, fast, user-friendly - but as a different Internet: The disappearing Internet, in which broadband, mobile, pervasive, intelligent technologies make it possible to focus on the user's needs, lifestyles and desires. We believe this technological change will unleash a new innovation cycle in applications and services. We also believe that the Internet's decentralized design should and can scale to the next generation and is innovation's and competition's best chance for the future.

FING intends to help corporations, public agencies, education and research organizations be at the forefront of this new cycle. Through collective and networked intelligence, creativity and experimentation, Fing seeks to improve the efficiency of the innovation process, as well as reduce risks for all involved parties.

FING publishes Internet Actu, a weblog and media which is read by 70,000 professionals; Supports several workgroups and communities; Organizes visits to research labs and innovative companies throughout the world; Publishes papers, books and reports; Moderates or takes part in foresight exercises such as Ci'Num, the Digital Civilizations Forum; Organizes international conferences and industry events such as Mobile Monday France, or the "Crossroads of Possibilities" which showcases very early-stage innovative projects.

FING is networked with other, similar initiatives throughout Europe and the world. FING's CEO, Daniel Kaplan, is a member of the European Commission's eEurope Advisory Group.

FING currently has more than 165 members, including: BNP Paribas, EDF, Ericsson, Eutelsat, France Telecom/Orange, Galeries Lafayette, HP, INRIA, Microsoft, the Ministries of Education and Research, Toshiba, etc.