Ruth Koppenol

Translates experiences or ideas into clear concepts.

Conceptual thinking has taught Ruth to always be aware of the core of what is being communicated. She believes that when she has an experience or an idea, even if it is small, she can translate it into a clear concept. The invisible world becomes apparent in her photographic installation Wifi-mensen. The installation makes the invisible identities visible in a wifi-hotspot. People who use the wifi connection are visualised through portraits that light up.

The blank space around text is the subject of Ruth’s graduation project. In collaboration with Marc Köhlbrugge and Joep Kuijper she developed the platform *openmargin. *openmargin aims to improve the inter-connectedness of people and texts by sharing annotations. By annotating specific pieces of text that interest you, you meet people that annotated the same text and thus are on the same wavelength. *openmargin is still in its early stages. The journey of Ruth’s unfolding future is still in progress. Ruth is in search of the best way to express her thoughts in media projects.

Ruth Koppenol studied Communication and Multimedia Design at the Academy of Media & User Experience in Breda. She graduated with the profile Interaction Strategy in which communication and conceptual thinking are the main courses.

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